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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday: 21!

Here's today's time travel: You're 21.What's going on in your life?Who are you spending most of your time with?What's favorite things to do? eat? hobby?
Wow! 21? I just for some reason can't remember 21. I know that I was in college. I had just moved to the University of Kentucky, I had gone to a community college before that. I lived in a college owned apartment complex with three other roommates. I guess I spent most of my time with my roommates, but I also spent a lot of time alone too. I was a loner a lot. My favorite thing to do? Probably study. That is about all I remember doing. I do not remember reading much then? Favorite thing to eat? I ate Ramen noodles and hamburger helper because I was a poor college student so getting to go out to eat was probably my favorite, but I do remember that we got this new pizza place called Snappy Tomato Pizza that we loved and would get delivered every now and then. Favorite hobby? Just can't remember anything. Don't know that I had any of any importance. I just can't believe how old this post makes me feel. When I was in my teens I always wanted to be 30. Why? I just don't know. Now that I am in my later 30's, which by the way I do not feel that old lol I just baby! But now I wish I was 20 again sometimes, but I really like how old now even if I am getting old lol!
I also have an end of summer giveaway going on!


Jodi said...

Thanks for sharing! Have a great Tuesday!

My Life as Mama Jodi

Nancy Face said...

That's cute that you wanted to be 30 when you were a teen...when I was that age, I thought 30 was ancient! Now that I really AM ancient (45, haha!) I'm the happiest I've ever been, and I feel very young inside! Age is a funny thing! :D

Thanks for sharing your memories! :)

annie said...

I remember being a young teen and our neighbor was a 'young' couple of almost 30. I thought they were old people lol! Now, I feel so young and am in my 30's! Age is funny, Nancy had that right. I feel young too!

Jessica said...

Gotta love ramen noodles! Thanks for sharing!

KC said...

UK is my hubby's favorite teams. :)
Got to love those Romen noddles.. My kids could live on them now, well my oldest son could anyways.
Great time travel.

tonsofsons said...

Ramen Noodle college girl, too. I still like them!

Donetta said...

Your studies were such a privilege that is wonderful you cared about them.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I knew I'd find someone who couldn't remember their 21st year. Don't feel bad, I probably wouldn't have either if I didn't have some major things going on in my life then.

Hey, I bet we live pretty close. I am across the river in Jeffersonville, IN!

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