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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday-First Day of School

Today's topic is first day of school memories, since Annie's kids started school today. Nicholas, my 7 year old started 2nd grade last Thursday. So, I guess I will start off with my first day of school. I did not go to kindergarten, my first day was 1st grade. I only have a few memories of first grade. My mom has a picture that she always showed me of my first day of school. I have begged her to find it for me, I wanted to show my kids on their first day of school, but unfortunately, my mom can not find it. I guess I have always remembered my first day because of that picture outside of our house with my yellow back pack. I remember riding the school bus. I remember that my class was in a trailer because the school did not have enough room for all the students, we got a new school a couple of years later. The only other thing I remember about the first day is my new teacher, Mrs. Miller, telling me I was writing with the wrong hand. I am still left handed to this day though. When my now 7 year old started his first day of kindergarten, it was not really hard on me because he had been going to daycare and I worked then (it will be harder for me with my other children because I have stayed at home with them.) I made sure I got a new picture of him outside our home with his back pack, just like I had done. My dh then took him to school and he told me that he went in with him. That's about all that I remember about his first day.
For more great first day of school stories go visit My Life as Annie.


Nancy Face said...

That's so sad that your teacher said you were writing with the wrong hand! That must have been hard for you to understand. :(

I bet that 1st day picture of you is so cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

annie said...

The wrong hand? sheesh!
Thanks for sharing your story. I hope your mom can find that picture for you to have.

KC said...

I bet that 1st day of school picture of you is just so cute.
My mom had the 1st day of school picture of me also that I wanted to share with everyone today on my blog, but my mom couldn't get it to me just yet. :( if she does end up sending it to me before the end of the day I will get it put into my post.
My 7 year old will be going into the 2nd grade this year also, They don't start till the 28th.

Amanda said...

I love my picture of me on my first day, too! So sweet that you took one of your son the same way!

(I think my 19month old is a leftie!)

Renee's Ramblings said...

I bet your first day of school pictures are adorable. I have my first day of school pictures here somewhere (LOL) and I hope to post them when I can find them. Thanks for sharing your memories!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I write with my left hand too. However, the school didn't have any of the know how or tools for me to do about anything else with my left hand. So I use scissors, play sports, etc with my right hand.

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