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Friday, August 10, 2007

School Started Back Yesterday!

Nicholas went back to school yesterday. He was so ready to go. One of the schools in our county closed and now all the students are being shipped to Nicholas' school. The teachers also got shipped to his school. Nicholas got one of the teachers from the other school. He had his heart set on one teacher, but he did not get her. I really like his new teacher and have heard great things about her. In my job, I worked with her mom and sister. So, it is kind of neat knowing his teacher this time. I also worked with his teacher on 4-H things at the other school. Nicholas said it was kind of fun because he has new friends now. Nicholas has a problem asking questions a lot! Last year, his teacher told us she was having a really hard time teaching because of him always asking questions and tattle telling. Well, when he came home, he said his teacher told him that she was ignoring him because he asked too many questions. I do not know all behind this but dh and I talked about it and the only thing we can figure out is that that is her way to keep his questions down? He also told me that they had to draw a picture and the could not talk about it until tomorrow and he really wanted to tell his teacher about it, but she would not let him. He said that was his hardest thing all day. lol. He also said he needed more drink for snack. Well, it has been in the 90's so maybe he does, I added a water to his snack today. I thought I would be so happy for him to go back to school, but I really miss him. He was a big help at nap time, I would get the twins to sleep and he would watch the baby in the living room until I was done. I miss that! He loves school though and I really like that he likes it. I remember loving school too!


KC said...

Sounds like he had a good day.
I don't want school to start back. Summer just isn't long enough. I have 3 of them in school full days this year. My oldest is going into the 6th grade, the next one going into 2nd grade and my baby girl is starting kindergarden this year. This leave me home alone with the baby(who is 2 LOL). I miss my kids too when they are gone at school.. but even worse.. Little Man(the baby) is going to have a fit being stuck at home all day long with out his sisters and brother to play with.. I can read to him and play with him but it isn't the same, he just hates it when they aren't home. Then when they get home he goes crazy and bounces off the walls. Yeah.. I would like summer to last for an extra month or so LOL

Laane said...

Well he's very perceptive when he realises she ignores him to keep his amount of questions within limits.

Is there a way to reward him when he has kept his impulses in control?

I will miss my girls too when they're going to school on monday..

Jennie said...

how fun! the beginning of school evokes such exciting feelings for me! enjoy!

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