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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

AI top 7 night

Well, tonight was country with Martina McBride and I really like country music so I really liked most of this show.

Phil- "Where the Blacktop Ends"I was glad to see him not wearing a hat, but come on this is country shouldn't that be the night you want to wear a hat? He seemed to have fun this time and put some personality into his performance. The judges actullly told him he should do country.

Jordin- "Broken Wing" I can not believe she picks a song that the mentor sang. Scary! I thought she did really good. But, I have liked her for a long time! I loved when Simon told her After that song, he could finally see her winning Idol.

Sanjaya- "Something to Talk About" Well, I will say he is going for the attention card again with his hair spiked up and the red bandana. He was actually pretty good last week, but not this week. I can't believe that Ryan was actually taking up for him. Also, he got the viewer question this week. I loved that he said he wanted Simon to sing Shiny Happy People. lol!

Lakisha- "Jesus Take the Wheel" Weel, the begining was really boring to me and then not until the end did it get better. It seemed to me that she yelled a lot during the song.

Chris- "Mayberry" I really did not like him this week. And he was nasally on purpose?

Melinda- "Trouble is a Woman" What can you say she is great as usually! The judges call her a professional.

Blake- "When the Stars Go Blue" I thought this song was very pitchy and definately not his best performance. I have a hard time listening to him because I can't get past how little his mouth is. Most of his past songs have been really good.

Bottom 3: Phil (eventhough he was good), Chris, Sanjaya

Whose going home: We all know who should (the guy with the bandana) but it will probably be Phil even though he was good this week. He has been in the bottom 3 for several weeks now.

Best of Night: Jordin (I really like her!) I hope Melinda and Jordin are the final two.



I don't watch it but my hubby does,he can not believe Sanjay is still on,I bet the baby is getting big,How have you been.Hugs,Linda

Dawn said...

Are you as happy as I am now that the results show is over???? Oh yeah, he's gone!! :)

Actually I want to see Melinda not be bound by American Idol contracts and come in 3rd (a la Chris Daughtry) and then see Jordin and Blake in the final 2, then between the two of them I want Jordin to win :)

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