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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lorie needs to...

I got this from Kara. You just put "(your name in) needs to" in google and see what comes up. this is so much fun!

1. Lorie needs to hurry up and have her baby.
(Hey, I just did that 3 months ago.)
2.Lorie needs him.
(That would be my dh!)
3. Lorie needs to know about Wizbang.
(I don't have a clue what Wizbang is, I hope it's not bad. lol)
4. Lorie needs to e-mail me.
(Who do I need to e-mail? lol)
5. Lorie needs a few more prayers.
(Hey, I could always use a few more prayers.)
6.Lorie needs to get a life!
(Hey, now!)
7. Lorie needs to know by June 11.
(What do I need to know?)
8. Lorie needs to hear your concerns.
(I'm all ears.)

If anyone else does this, let me know. I think this is really fun!

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