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Monday, April 16, 2007

Key Lime Pie Murder Book Review

I noticed a lot of people had this book on their list to read for this book challenge, so I will try to review and not give away a lot of stuff :). I have read this series for a while now. I think this is book number 9 to the Hannah Swensen Mystery with recipes series. Hannah owns the Cookie Jar so you get a lot of cookie recipes in the books, and this one is no exception. This book centers around a fair and Hannah is a judge for the baking contest. Once again she finds someone dead in this story (a fellow baking contest judge) and she tries along with her sisters and one of her boyfriends to solve the murder. Usually she ends up almost dead doing this and this book is no different. I really liked it, but I have liked all of her books. There are always a lot of good recipes in her books and this one includes a fair recipe of Deep Fried Candy Bars. Believe me you do not want to know how many calories are in that one. Overall a good book! I just wish Hannah would finally choose which man she is going to marry. Personally, I like Norman for her!
I learned a lot about key limes in this book and baking with them. I showed you a picture of some at the top. They are smaller and sweeter than regular limes and also harder to find in the grocery store. Also, you know if a pie is made with real key limes because of the color. The pie looks yellow with a tint of green to it.
This was the second book that I have read for the challenge and now I move onto Shoes to Die For. I have 3 more books to read by June. I am hoping to add more books to that list! Here is my list.
BTW, I am also reading Charlotte's Web with my 7 year old at night.
Here is the Key Lime Pie Recipe

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Rae said...

This book sounds like something I definitely have to check out! I love the idea of recipes being in a book, what a bonus. Thanks for sharing this review & for letting me know it was up; sorry I took so long to get over here and check it out!

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