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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My favorite bottles!!!

Well, I know most of you who read this blog breastfeed, but there are several reasons why I don't eventhough I would have loved too! I took a NUK pacifier to the hospital with every child. The twins learned to suck on these as they had iv's because they were not born with the sucking reflex-which made breastfeeding even harder! I did pump with the twins for about 2 weeks, but I just could not keep up since they were on a special formula. Anyways, this time at the hospital, my baby would have nothing to do with the NUK pacifier because the hospital had given him a soothie pacifier and he loved it. So, when I went to the store and found bottles made just like the pacifier, I had to try them. I bought this starter set. It is wonderful. I think it is more like a travel pack. It comes with formula holders that fit right on the bottom of the bottle. Yes, this is nice when you go somewhere, but I like to use it at night. I just get two bottles ready everynight and I do not have to even go in the kitchen when he wakes up. I have it right by my bed. Another thing I really like is that the lids fit on the bottom of the bottle while you feed so you do not lose it. I really think a parent must have designed these bottles. So, I guess you could say that I highly recommend them!


Dawn said...

I saw those at a baby shower recently and I thought they looked pretty neat. I won't be using a bottle for most stuff, but I have had a baby not care for the sippy with juice or water later in the first year and might try those when we get to that point. They look neat, and practical!

Jenn said...

I got one of these as a freebie somewhere and tried it with Emmy after a couple of other bottles didn't work. She takes a soothie pacifier quite well, but still made a huge mess with these. I was disappointed...they are such a great idea!

Lorie said...

Huh Jenn. I guess every baby is really different. I know the twins would not use the Platex disposable bottles at all and I really wanted them to. Glad you got to share the bad stuff too.

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