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Friday, April 20, 2007

Favorite Ingredients Friday Vegetarian Edition

Eggplant Casserole
1 large eggplant
1 teaspoon grated onion
1/8 teaspoon salt and pepper to taste
4 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons flour
1 1/4 cups milk
1 green pepper, chopped
3/4 cup grated sharp cheese
2 eggs, separated-beaten separately
4 tablespoons chili sauce
Cook, peeled-cubed, eggplant in boiling water with onion, salt and pepper until tender. Drain. Melt butter in double broiler. Add flour;blend. Add milk gradually, stir until blended. if needed, add additional salt. Add chopped pepper, cheese and slightly beaten egg yolks. chili sauce, and eggplant. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Bak in buttered casserole 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Serves 6.
Also I posted an Eggplant Jambalaya recipe yesterday that is my favorite way to eat eggplant. I can not even tell eggplant is in it.
For more Favorite Ingredients Friday Vegetarian Edition recipes visit Overwhelmed With Joy.


Jessica said...

I'm not sure if I've ever really eaten eggplant before, but it's not too late to try it! Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen Marie said...

Love the music! We do have a bit of sunshine here in the mountains today!

This looks delicious and a must try. I like a challenge (I am such a simple cook)!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I have a different version of eggplant casserole. This looks really good too. Thanks for sharing. I love eggplant and am always looking for new ways to cook it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have had eggplant either! I will have to try this!

crissybug said...

I have always wanted to try eggplant...thanks for the recipe...looks yummy!

Rae said...

That sounds great! Thanks for sharing, have a good weekend! =)

Overwhelmed! said...

I've never tried to make any eggplant dishes. I've felt a little intimidated by eggplant for some reason. I'm glad you've shared these recipes so that I can give it a try!

Thanks so much, Lorie, for participating in my Favorite Ingredients Friday- Vegetarian Edition recipe exchange. I do appreciate it.

I hope to see you again next Friday!

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