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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

I did not get my goal done at all that I was working on last week. I did find a toothbrushing chart to use and printed it off and they are now hanging in my bathroom ready to start using them this week. I did not have sticker stuff for my computer, so I am using some smily faces that I got this week. So, I will be working on this habit again this week.

Here is what I am working on:

Habit 1: Making bed everday
Habit 2: Toy pickup
Habit 3: Prepare for church on Saturday night
Habit 4: Prepare 15 mins a day for Sunday School Lesson
Habit 5: Family Prayer twice a day
Habit 6: Brushing kids teeth twice a day
To get involved in Smart Habit Saturday, go over to The Lazy Organizer.


The Lynn/Coon Family said...

Good luck with the teeth brushing! We have a chart helped a lot

An Ordinary Mom said...

I am revisiting an old "habit" as well - going to bed on time. I am fining some habits are much easier to establish than other ones.

Good luck this week with brushing teeth!

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