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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April Blog Spotlights

Well, I was visiting Kara's blog and she has updated her blog roll and was telling us about new blogs she goes to visit. I have recently added several to mine and so I thought I would spotlight some of those new blogs and even a few old ones that I enjoy visiting. I challenge all who read to list blogs they enjoy on their blog. I always enjoy new blogs!


  1. Callapidder Days- I love this blog! I have joined the Spring Reading Thing that she is sponsoring. She is a writer so I always love reading her blogs. Also, a bunch of other writers have donated books for the Spring Reading Thing. I have not won one yet, but there are LOTS of books. She named her blog Callapidder Days because that was how her son said caterpiller and she thought it was cute.
  2. A Juggling Mum- A "Mum" to 5 living in Australia, Rachel has great recipes on her blog. She even has started Friday Freezer Food to help people save time by having freezer stuff. She also has another blog being frugal , which also has great ideas about saving money,and one about gardening.
  3. Mom Advice-This is a new blog for me and I really do not remember how I found it but I love reading Amy's product reviews, Dollar Strecher Tips, and great tips (like Ideas for a cheap date night.) But what I like best about this blog is the Friday Freebies post. She lets you know about free offers out there. My mailbox has been full since I have been visiting her blog on Fridays.
  4. Hmmm...- Dawn is a friend I met on a message board. I enjoy reading about her experiences with her two kids, including her homeschooling experiences. She is also pregnant and has the neatest pregnacy counter on there. Her blog gives me the chance to stay in touch with her.
  5. The Pumkin Patch-Trista's blog always has great tips. Right now she has tips on Spring Cleaning. She also host Tasty Thursdays where other bloggers share recipes. I have gotten a lot of new dinner ideas from participating in Tasty Thursday. She also has another food blog called Punkin's Pantry. She spotlights recipes from Tasty Thursdays on that blog and has some of her own tried and true recipes.
  6. A Bit of Me- I can not forget Kara. I met her on a message board too and I love getting ideas from her, updates of her family as well as new blogs to visit.
  7. Organizing Junkie- Laura has great ideas on organizing, but what I like best is the Monday Menu Plan. i have gotten great recipes and met other bloggers, as well as, being prepared for meals.
  8. The Lazy Organizer- Lara has a wonderful blog about organizing. I have gotten so many great ideas from her blog! I have also enjoyed participating in SMART habit Saturdays. I have been able to make some things habits and make my life easier.
  9. 5 minutes for mom- This blog has really neat ideas and sponsors Takle it Tuesday's which I have never participated in, but I always love to read what others have done. They also give away lots of stuff on that site.
  10. Daisy Chain-This is another person that I met on a message board. I love her book reviews and recipes that she has on her blog. I have gotten some great book recommendations from that site. She also keeps us up to date on her cute son.

That is the ten I am spotlighting this month. I plan to continue this every month. Just because yours did not get picked this month does not mean I don't enjoy reading yours. I would recommend all the blogs that I have on my blog roll!


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

A Juggling Mum said...

Thanks for including my blogs in your spotlight, what a terrific idea :) I'm going to check out the couple of blogs I haven't visited yet :)

Rachel xxx


Glad to see some of these blogs I need to look around, the Monday menu sounds like something I would like and of course house work and organizing LOL>Hope you and family are doing fine Lorie!!Bet those babies are getting big.Hugs,Linda

Trista said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your spotlight!! There's only a handful that I don't read but I'm going to check them out now :D

Kara said...

Thanks for the spotlight :) I'm going to go check out those others.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Thanks for the love Lorie! I really appreciate having you participate in SHS with me. I couldn't do it alone!

org junkie said...

Thanks for including me too! So glad you are enjoying MPM. I'm going to check out some of the other sites as well.


Katrina said...

Thanks so much for the link and highlight! I really appreciate your kind words!

Kate said...

What a neat idea! :)

Dawn said...

I got your IM, I think this is the post you're referring to :) Thanks for spotlighting me :) I'm going to go check out your "Interview" with Kate!

Beth said...

Hi, Lorie; thanks for the spotlight! I'm way flattered! You are sweet. :-)

I'm loving the ideas and recipes you have on your blog lately; I wanna try a few sometime soon!

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately -- my browser has been wigging out when I came to your site (though I have still been reading regularly through my RSS reader). I managed to change a few settings on my browser, though, so it's working a-okay again -- sorry it took so long! So you should be seeing more of me again. :-)

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