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Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad Morning and Responsibility

Well, this morning put me in a very bad mood. Dh always gets his clothes ready and Nicholas' every night, as he lays out his own clothes. He has stopped doing this lately. Why? I do not know? But, anyways, Nicholas could not find his shoes again today. I found them the last time in his room. You see, we put the shoes in baskets by the door so that we can find them easily and we do not have to go on the search for shoes. I found one this morning in the living room but I just could not find the other one. He had to wear his old shoes, which do not really fit him very good and he says everyone makes fun of them. Nicholas' excuse is alway, "The babies took them." Sometimes the twins do get in the shoes, but lately they have not. The biggest problem is that Nicholas will not put them in the baskets by the door when he takes off his shoes. I can not get Nicholas, my 7 year old, to do anything and it really bothers me. He messes up worse than my two year olds and really does not care. He is one of these kids that as soon as he comes home, he takes all of his clothes off except his underware, no joke! His clothes and socks never go in the hampers. I have even bought a hamper for his room, but he just does not care! I find his socks in my couch cushions, by the toliet, on his floor and today I found them on the air conditioner register in my living room. I also find trash of his all over the house. It is like he does not know where the garbage can is! We even put a garbage can in his room, but he does not use it. He refuses to help in anyway around the house. I have made him do things and he just cries all the way though it and it is not really anything hard to do. Another thing that bothers me is I have so much stuff to carry at church, but he thinks it is my responsibility to hold his things-scriptures, stuff from primary, and even his jacket. If I do not remind him he does not even think about getting his jacket and has left it at church several times. I want him to learn responsibility and the ability to help out. I am just having a really hard time teach it. I just hope I find that shoe today because I have no money to buy him some new ones.


Kara said...

I'm sorry Lorie :( I have no advice since I don't have kids that age yet. I hope someone can give you some ideas on getting him to help.


Just demand his attention and chores be done!He will respect you in the end.To get his attention and cooperation no TV ,Toys,ect! LOL this is a old womans advice not on the new way to raise children LOL Sorry Lorie,I think children are the same still even now if they can get away with it they will.Now tell me to hush and go on.Huggles Linda :)

Dawn said...

When did Jakey sneak to Kentucky? LOL Seriously though, it's typical 7 for you! Jakey had been fairly helpful but today he told me, "You're not on bedrest anymore." when I asked him to do something....GRRRR! I pulled right back out his "checklist" He has 5 things that have to be done before he can turn on the tv, he has to be dressed, head to toe, teeth brushed, bed made, clothes/trash/toys picked up, and all garbages in the house taken out to the big trash can. Then the tv comes on, and not a second sooner! I agree 100% about church too, Jakey has his own bag now - if he forgets his scriptures then he just doesn't get the treat his teacher will give him for bringing them and jacket well, it's so warm I'm not making him wear it anymore, but when it was cold, he wasn't allowed to take off his suit jacket at church...but this is CA in the winter a suit jacket can be your whole jacket LOL I'm sure in KY it's so cold he'd probably need another jacket too.

I hope that his behavior improves, the oldest one sure seems the hardest. It's almost easier to forgive Justin's mistakes because I tell myself - he's 3...but I guess Jakey's *only* 7.

Lorie said...

Wow, thanks Dawn that helped me a lot to know he is like other 7 year olds. He's like Jakey, he does well for a while and then he just stops. I was having a bad day. I like your checklist idea. I may have to use that!

Lorie said...

Btw, I found the shoe!

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