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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I did not know anyone who died yesterday, but I just feel really bad for all of the families who lost loved ones! I just can not imagine what they are all going through. I think it has kind of hit my dh hard! He goes to college and just makes him feel really bad to think that someone could come into a classroom and just start shooting and then come back and shoot somemore. Scary! I just can not believe in this age and time that a classroom door would not lock to be able to protect those students. Anyways just thoughts and prayers going out to the families and the people who are trying to recover!

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I agree Lorie very scary.My Grand daughter goes to a University not far from there, she went to hihh school with some of them, and had friends at VT it was scary so far she has found most of her friends, and they are safe,So sad.They are in my prayers also.Hugs,Linda

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