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Thursday, January 18, 2007

American Idol

Well, I got into AI last season, but I only watched when about the last 15 or so were competing. I never watched the auditions. Well, I watched them the past two nights. Wow, does that give me a different take on the show. I have to say that some of the people really made me laugh! But I also wonder what in the world some of the people were even thinking coming on there? Most of those people really thought that they were just so good! When they were told they were not, it just about killed them. I really think that Simon and Randy went a little far on a lot of comments they made, but they were the same when I watched them last season. Randy told that one guy who taught voice lessons he needed to give all his students back their money because he did not know what he was teaching and when Simon called that one guy a monkey...well he did, but man to tell someone that. I know, I know that is what the show is all about. It gets people laughing and keeps people watching. I could not believe that Amish guy that came on there and had never watched the show because he does not even have a TV. I thought most Amish did not believe in the arts (like painting, reading, and performing arts), so I guess that was why I was shocked to see him. Well, I did like several of the people. I really like did the brother and sister. I will enjoy seeing what they do. Anyways, I guess I am hooked on the audition part now too. Anyone else watch? What did you think?


Duckie said...

I've watched most of it. I liked that brother and sister too although I think the brother is really nice, not so sure on the sister. lol I've heard that they are mean just for ratings, which is really sad. Some of those people really take it to heart. :(

Kate said...

I hate the auditions for the most part actually . . . and I didn't even watch it on Wednesday. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's nice to see them get through to Hollywood . . . but the people who are so bad . . . it makes me cringe . . . I've been known to hide my head under a blanket because I just can't watch the train wreck that's going on . . . And sometimes, I just have to have the channel changed because the singing is sooo bad . . . I know it's a rating gimmick . . . but come on . . . is it so funny to make fun of people like that?
Okay . . . rant off . . . LOL

kymomoftwins said...

I agree Kate, it really was not fun to make fun of some of those people! It was down right sad, but I guess "most" americans like that? I know what you mean about cringing! My dh watched it with me and he would put his hands over his eyes and ears, some of them really were that bad! Does Hollywood get better?

Kara said...

I had to work both days this week so I missed it, but I like watching. What day is it on next week?

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