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Monday, January 8, 2007

Weekly to do list

Just wanted to get down what I need to get done this week. Dh has been helping me purge and organise. I will show you pictures from last week as soon as I put them on my computer, huge difference.

1. Get Christmas stuff put away (just have a few more things)
2. Clean my bedroom (purge stuff and set up nursery)
3. Clean twins room (organize and purge and make into a "toddler" room)


cuterthanspit said...

Good luck Lorie! I think that's smart you're taking the whole week to purge and organize. It's overwhelming to try and do it all in one day. You're going to love it when you're done. :D

kymomoftwins said...

I am just not able to do it all in one day right now~ I got to get some more room witth this baby coming!

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