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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hooray for a day!

Well, today at the doctor he scheduled my c-section. It will be February 6th. But, he did say if not sooner. So, I guess there is a possibility that I could go earlier. You know what though...I hope not. I would love to have a baby that is not considered premature. That does not have to be stuck with iv's etc. My dh would love to be able to plan around work too! So I am hoping I can go that long! Dh has been stepping things up. On his nights off he cooks dinner and cleans for about an hour. I take a nap! It has been so nice! Some of you know that he works at Walmart and he is only working Friday-Sun for the next three weeks. He really wanted to take some time off, but they will not let him because he has not worked there for more than 1 year. I really have nobody else to help me either, so he is fighting with Walmart right now for two weeks off for my c-section(he has to take care of the other kids while I am in the hospital!) and for my recovery. So, knowing the date will really help him!

A friend of mine from a message board I visit, Jenn, who is on bedrest with twins, had a really great idea that I think I am going to use! She set small goals for herself and made a chain out of papers and put one up for each day to help her son understand how long she would be on bedrest and he got to take the links off each day. Well, I think I want to do that, but on each link, I am going to write down one thing to do that day to get ready for the baby...I do still have a few and hopefully it will make the time go faster! Thanks Jenn for this GREAT idea!

Hooray! I have a day to look forward to!


Tammy said...

For some reason I think others pgncys go sooo much faster! LOL Lori!!!!! I can't believe you are already almost done!! Where did that go?? I am excited for you! :)

Kate said...

Congrats on getting a c-sec date! :) I hope your dh is able to get some time off work to help out . . .

Duckie said...

Yay for a day!! I hope Wal-Mart gives your husband time off, they had better!

I think that's a cute idea to make a chain with goals on it. :)

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