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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My 7 year old and church

My 7 year old has really good friends at church. He has been crying for weeks because all of the "big" kids get to move up into the valiants class. There were no other babies born in our branch the year he was born. He was in nursery all alone the whole time, so all of the other kids are lots younger or several years older. He has been so upset. Well, he told us he refused to go to the "baby" class. During sacrament on Sunday one of the "big" kids got up and bore his testimony and talked about how they felt like they were leaving Nicholas behind and they included him in there testimony about becoming missionaries and how they wanted to be like Nicholas because he really wanted to be a missionary. He hoped Nicholas would continue to be such a good example to the "little" kids in the CTR class. This really helped Nicholas and was an answer to my prayers! He went to his class without a problem.


Beth said...

Wow, how great for your son to have such a good friend! How amazing to think that kids like he and your son, the missionary, are the future of the Church. We are in good hands!

Kara said...

That was so nice of his friend!

Purplescraps said...

Ah that is so sweet of the boy to do that. I hope that helps Nicholas!


PS: I just love Fast & Testimony meeting.

Kate said...

What a neat experience for your son! Thanks for sharing! :)

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