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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well, you saw my to do list for this week. I have gotten none of it done. :( Actually I have been pretty sick! I have been feeling bad since last Wednesday. My chest hurt and I had a cough. Well, today dh was home and I made him take me to the doctor. (Would of taken myself, but I really do not like driving in the snow!) Anyways, I went and I have an upper respitory infection. My throat is sore and I am coughing a lot! Pretty much though I can not take anything for the cough because of being pregnant so I have been using hot liquids and they do help some. My muscles hurt so bad from coughing! After we got done from the doctor, dh wanted to go get his books since he starts school next Tuesday. Which is another reason I wanted to get that stuff done this week because I would have his help. Well, we got home at 6 pm. We played a game with Nicholas. It was Monooly Jr. Kind of a different twist on Monopoly. I liked it but felt bad and wanted to go to bed. We all went to bed at 8:30 which could explain why I am up at 2:30. I was so hungry and need some more hot liquids. Well, with all of this sleep maybe I can get some things done tommorrow while dh is still home. I sure hope, but where I have been sick my regular stuff is also getting behind, so I am back to doing that again too. So, anyways that has been my week so far! Hope you alls has been better.


Kate said...

*HUGS* Hope that today is a better day for you!

Kara said...

Sorry you are sick :( I hope you get feeling better.


Lorie so sorry you are sick,take care of yourself and stay hydrated and warm.Hugs,Linda

Duckie said...

I hope you're feeling a little better Lorie. *hugs* Don't worry about not doing your to-do-list. You take some time to get better!

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