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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Kate got a high fever yesterday. The funny thing is I could not find anything wrong with her. She is just clingy and whiny. So, I took her to the doctor today and she has a UTI. Poor thing, they took blood from her for the first time. Anyways, we go to a clinic that has a ped. and a regular family doctor, so I had them check my bp and it was 138/82. That is so much better than Friday when it was 160/80. So, I e-mailed my doctor (that is the only way I can get a hold of him) I asked him if I could come in on Friday instead. With Kate sick and my dh going to school for his first day for some classes tommorrow and my bp doing so much better. I just hope he's okay with that and can get back a hold of me. I am also very grateful for all of the prayers! My bp really does look so much better.


Beth said...

Glad you're bp is doing better! And I hope Kate gets to be feeling better soon; poor thing!

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Hope Kate feels better soon Lorie.Congrats on hubby making Deans list.Great about BP!Hugs Linda

Kara said...

Poor Kate :( Yay for your bp being down!

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