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Monday, January 22, 2007

I want "ME" back!

I know people on my message boards are tired of hearing my complaining, but this is my place, I can complain here right? I am miserable! I guess I am in that stage of pregnancy that I am suppose to feel that way, right? I just want to go back to being ME! Yes you read that right, I do not feel like ME right now and I want that back! I know all of this will be worth it when I am holding my baby in at least 15 days :) But, right now it just is not fun. lol! I remember getting to this point in all of my pregnancies, just a little bit depressed. I thought the other two times were because I was on bedrest, but I am not on bedrest and I still want ME back! My blood pressure is staying good, with meds, but my feet and legs are so swollen everynight that I just do not feel like doing anything. I just want to cry! It does not help matters that I have had a really bad cold for about a month now! Went to the doctor again today and got another antibiotic. My throat is so sore that I can barely eat. Been eating a lot of Chicken Noodle Soup! So, maybe that is what is dragging me down so. Dh stayed home a lot last week and helped me, but you know he just can not do things like I can or want them done, but I just had to let everything go. My livingroom has been what is really bothering me. DH will not even touch that area. I made a goal for Smart Saturday Habit to do 10 mins at night, but that really is not working because I feel so bad at night time and my feet and legs are so swollen so I have had to modify my goal for now. I am doing 2 10 min pickups with my kids bringing me everything. Bending over is just about to kill me. It still is not as clean as I want it but it is better. I also am so tired but can not sleep? I hate that feeling. And when I get to sleep, my hips go numb and I got to try to figure out how to turn to the other side and it is not an easy task, believe me. Funny how we forget lots of this stuff that happened with other pregnancies, I guess we would not get pregnant again if we remembered all that stuff. Anyways, I know my time is getting soon but I just want ME back and soon. Nobody ever told me waiting for something for 15 days would be this hard. Sorry for the negative post, just how I am feeling right now. :(

BTW, I think my dh, kids, and friends want the real me back too!


Dawn said...

Lorie - no more chicken noodle soup!!! All that salt, your feet will swell (and have been) from it!

But ((hugs)) the end of pregnancy is awful, but totally worth it, and definately to end very soon!

kymomoftwins said...

It is the reduced sodium kind Dawn! lol

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