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Thursday, January 4, 2007


I have finally figured this place out a little with a lot of help from my dh, who got very frustrated too! But finally, I have my new look for my blog! Hope you will enjoy. I hope you will enjoy reading about my stitches in time and my memories of a lifetime.


Purplescraps said...

Sorry I wasn't much help. Having problems with my lungs, and the doctor and dh thinks it could be pneumonia. Anyway, I am starting up a blog and a message board to help people out, others have requested help from me as well. So just come on by my blog and request help if you need to. I will be posting some stuff on my board as well screenshots and what nots. So anytime that would be fine. Sorry once again!!!

Lovely blog!!! Colors good together.

32 weeks, wow ~ it was like yesterday you told us that you were having a baby!!! Rest alot and enjoy what you have right now because you will be a busy mommy soon! :)

Kara said...

Looks great Lorie! I love the blue. I'm trying to work on making my template different and am slowly getting there, hopefully soon I'll be done. I spent 3 hrs yesterday trying to make it do what I wanted and ended up just putting it back to normal lol.

kymomoftwins said...

Why in the world does it have to be so hard? It does not seem very user friendly to me?

Kara said...

I just finished mine up :D but I like your colors better than mine lol

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