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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I hate that dreaded word! I have not given one at church for a long time! The last one was right after the BOM challenge and I was asked to give a talk about The importance of the BOM, which was a really neat talk for me, so maybe this one will be the same? Anyways, last summer until October of this year my dh and I taught the marriage and family relations class put out by the church. This class is actually for anyone who is married or planning on getting married. Some people think that it is just for people with a troubled marriage, but that is really not true! There were so many useful things in the class that any marriage could benefit from hearing. So, now I just got to fiqure out what I want to say about it. I am planning on giving a brief overview of the class: what it is, who it is for, and even some of the topics it goes over. He asked for that in the talk but he also wants to know how it helped our marriage and what we got out of it. That is going to take a lot of thought. My dh wants me to talk about what it meant to me as a mother and he wants to talk about what it meant to him as a father and even go over a few principals that were taught about being a mother and a father. I really think that that is what it helped us with the most is being better parents. And by doing this, they get some small lesson about being parents. I actually kind of like that. I just hope that I will be able to talk. I have really been struggling with this cold. Anyways, better go get working on it. Thanks for listening to my thought process as I get ready to write this talk. Wish me luck.:)


Kara said...

Yikes, even the thought of giving a talk in church makes me scared out of my mind lol. Good luck!

Beth said...

You will do great! I like your DH's ideas. Hope you get feeling better!!

Dawn said...

I don't know if you watch Supernanny, but this week a friend of mine's family was featured (The Swanson Family) and normally Supernanny is about crazy out of control kids, but theirs weren't really bad at all, their marriage had issues, but it all stemmed from their parenting styles. Jo taught them how to co-parent and now they're really happy. I think that learning how to parent together, and bettering yourself in that way definately helps a marriage out - it's definately one less thing to fight over, that's for sure! :)

(Not that I in any way think you guys fight alot, I'm just agreeing with your post about better parenting=better marriage :))

GL with the talk, I'm sure you'll do great, and hey it's a topic you know alot about having taught that class! :)

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