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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Belly Shot-32 weeks

Well here I am at 32 weeks pregnant! I really do feel like 40 weeks! lol I have never made it to 40 weeks so how would I know what it feels like. The baby has dropped and I am having a ton of pressure! I am using a maternity belt and it has helped a lot. Just sitting in a chair is killing me. i really do not think it will be long! Yes, I know I need to keep it in longer, tell that to my body! Anyways, I feel pretty good other than the pressure which is making it harder to get things done. I am putting together my "nursery" this week. Well a place in my room. I also have a baby shower on Saturday that I am looking forward too. Well, anyways enjoy my fat picture, oh I mean my belly shot!


Kate said...

Aww . . . look at how cute you are! :) I hope that baby keeps cooking longer, but more that he'll be healthy when he does make his appearance! *HUGS*

Nate said...

You're 32 wks already?! Wow, for some reason your pg has gone by really fast to me. I hope your little one stays in a bit longer.

Dawn said...

Yay Lorie! 32 weeks, it won't be much longer now! (Even if you went to 40 LOL)

Mimo said...

Awwww look at the cute belly! Congratulations on the milestone!

Purplescraps said...

Aw, can't wait for the news of his birth, but it would be best if he "cooked" longer!!!!

Anyway, hugs and prayers!

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