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Friday, May 11, 2007

Anne Of Avonlea Book Review

Well, I have been continuing on with my Spring Thing Reading List. Here is a review of the latest book I have read:
Anne of Avonlea is the sequel to Anne of Green Gables and is written by L.M. Montgomery. This book took me a while to really get into, which suprised me because I loved the first book. Once I got into it, I was hooked again. At the end of the first book, Anne decides to stay home with Marilla and take care of the farm because her eyes are getting so bad, she gives up going to college. She ends up getting to teach right there in Avonlea. Marilla ends up taking in twins and Anne is expected to help her. There is still lots of time for Anne's imagination and she even finds others who use their imagination too. We meet several new characters in this book and even have a wedding. All in all, a pretty good read. I have already started book 3 Anne of the Island.

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Beth said...

It's been awhile since I read the Anne books -- I think Avonlea was harder for me, too, at first. I liked Anne of the Island a LOT, though. Lots of good romance scattered throughout, if I remember. ;-)

I never could get into book four, though (Windy Poplars), so I need to try to read the series again. I should put it on my summer reading list!

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