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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daily Happenings

Wow! What a day! I finished my lesson that I was suppose to teach at Church tonight. I got to church and got the TV ready and then the Stake Sunday School President came and changed everything. I taught NOTHING. I was hurt a little because I guess he rubbed me the wrong way. I went in the kitchen and cried, I was hurt. I got over it quick! I just tried to use what I knew to add to the lesson and it went pretty well and I felt no stress at all. :) So all in all it went pretty well. I think that that guy is just a take charge kind of guy and he wanted complete control. I just wish he would have communicated what he wanted sooner. So, anyways, we came home and bathed all the kids and put them to bed. We went to the library again today and they made fruit yogurt milkshakes. They made them in, you guessed it, zip lock bags! lol! Tomorrow is movie day. It is the hardest for me because it is 2 1/2 hours. I have enjoyed taking the kids to the library, but I will really be glad when I get to stay at home again, my house will be glad too because it needs to be cleaned!
A few months back, I think it was Michelle, who told had a post about the Once upon a potty books and videos, well I asked my library to order them and they have had them for two weeks and forgot to tell me. The kids love them, thanks Michelle for your recommend. The only problem I have is which video do I let them watch since they watch them together. There is a boy one and a girl one. We all watched the boy one and I really think it was okay, but oh well.
I told you all that I would not get much time to write my daily to-do's but I do not know, I think I like these daily happenings better. Oh and one more thing happened. I went to get my driver's licenses renewed today. It was three weeks expired. Anyways that's another story. I did not even have to take a new picture they used my old one, how neat is that. The girl said I did not look any different, what a complement, since I have had three children since the last time I got it renewed. And I can't believe it cost $20.00 to get a driver's licenses, man everything is going up. Actually, I have not been able to find $20.00 in our budget, it's that tight, to go and get them renewed which is one reason that I did not get them renewed on time. Oh well, it is done and over with now! That was pretty much my day. I hope the rest of the week goes easier. I feel like it is already Friday! Well, I am going to sleep now. Have a good night and morning if you do not read this until morning.


Dawn said...

Hey Lorie! I'm sorry about the Stake Sunday School President making you feel bad, especially since you had worked so hard!!

Hey how did the library make those yogurt fruit milkshake things?

Jenn said...

Bummer about the lesson! You'll have to file it away and hope there comes a time when you can use it again later.

Once Upon a Potty....those videos really freak me out! The books I can handle...but the video, no way! Not to mention the potty song that gets stuck in your head for days on end after hearing it! Hope it works for you though!

Kate said...

I've missed your daily posts . . . sounds like things have been busy for you . . . sorry to hear that the stake Sunday school thing didn't go how you'd hoped . . . but glad that you bounced back and ended up not feeling stressed about the lesson . . . Have a great day! *HUGS*

Lorie said...

Dawn- I am saving that recipe for Fun Fridays for Families, so check back.
I really have gotten over the whole thing with the stake guy, even though I out a lot of work into the lesson. I just think I have some extra added learnings now. Probably for the better.

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