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Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's Going on...?

I guess times are a changing! I went to the grocery store the other day, by myself I might add :), and I only had a few things on the list. I shop at a place called Sav-a-lot for most things. It is cheaper on most items, but they do not have a lot of brand name things. Well, orange juice was one of the things on my list. My family LOVES orange juice. I buy 2 gallons for a week and it is never enough! So, I go out to get orange juice a lot. It has been $3.98 a gallon for a while now. I did not even look at what the cost was while shopping. I just put my 2 gallons in my cart. I got to the front and it rang up $4.89? I had a lot of people behind me so I did not take them back, but I did make a comment about orange juice going up again. Fruit is just as bad! My kids love fruit and I really do not want to deny them fruit. At church on Sunday they were talking about the news saying that milk is going to be $5.00 a gallon by Christmas. Wow! My kids HAVE to have milk, so I do not know what I am going to do about that one. And can I mention gas? Gas prices have gone down, but in my opinion still not enough! I remember when I first came to this county gas was $1.69 a gallon for a long time, I guess those days are surely over! Kentucky passed a minimum wage law that goes into effect over the next three years and it starts this summer. That is probably one of the reasons prices are going up and I know there have been some crop damage which is the result of a lot of fruit, but man I just do not know how we are going to be able to keep some of these important things in our budget if the prices keep going up! We already do almost nothing in the way of entertainment! Hmmm...just some thoughts I have been having. What do you all think about the raising prices?


Kate said...

It's pretty scary! The same thing is happening here too . . . the cost of living keeps going up and the wages companies pay do not reflect it . . . and then people wonder why homelessness is becoming such a HUGE issue . . .
The bottom is going to fall out sooner than later . . . and it's NOT going to be a pretty sight!

Kara said...

I agree, prices just keep going up, I hate it! We can hardly go visit family anymore cuz it costs too much to drive anywhere.


I agree totally after a electric bill of $434,00 today !Wow!And every time you go for groceries they are going up every week.My hubby does the shopping he said he paid $4.00 more for 5 Pounds of ground chuck than last week.I remember in 1974 when it did this and lots of people lost jobs,homes and cars,the roof feel in over night.And I am afraid it is going to happen again.I feel for you with small children it has to be rough.Hugs,Linda

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