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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I remember getting this game for Christmas when I was like 12 and I really loved it! I found this game online at a blog I visited only I can't find that blog now to give them credit. :( Anyways, go play and post your score here in the comments. Have FUN!


Beth said...

Ack! A 10 for me.


I remember this my children had it.Hugs,Linda

Jenn said...

Well, amidst all the distractions, I managed a whopping 6! I'm off to try again!

Dawn said...

15! Go me!

Kate said...

haven't played yet . . . need to . . . but was it at Brenda's blog that you found it? (

Lorie said...

I went and looked Kate and that is it. I think I found that while surfing your page and looking at your favorites on there. Thanks!

Lorie said...

I only got a 9 the first time I played, but the buttons you have to push were messing me up. I did teach my 7 yr old to play and he is better than me!

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