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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Works for me Wednesday- Almost Homemade Pudding Pops

Have you ever made homemade pudding pops with your kids on a hot summer day? They really love them! Recently, I found a recipe for an even easier way to make them. You use pre-made gelatin or pudding cups. They can usually be found for under a dollar for 6 cups. All you do is remove the foil lid and insert a pop stick into the pudding or gelatin cup. (I use the sticks from my Popsicle holders.) Freeze them for 5 hours or overnight to allow to firm. To remove the pop from the cup, place bottom of cup under warm running water for 15 seconds. Press firmly on bottom of cup to release pop. (Do not twist or pull pop stick) you can buy the mixed flavor ones and get a really pretty Popsicle! They are so easy and quick to make and my kids LOVE them and they work for me to keep my kids happy on a hot summer day!
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Mrs. U said...

This is a GREAT and very easy idea!!! Especially for times when friends bring their children over this summer!! Thank you for sharing this!

Mrs. U

Dolly said...

AND you can reuse the cup as a holder for the frozen pops. If they need to lay it own or to save for later.

Jane said...

Super! Forget the kids, I may need to have some myself. The diet version of these would work and be lo cal!

Anonymous said...

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