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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday-First Cooking Experience

So, okay this week we are going back to our first cooking experience. I guess I probably cooked some things before this, but this was my first REAL meal that I cooked. I took a Home Economics Class in High School. It was called Adult Living and for our final project, we had a list of things that we could do and one of them was to cook a whole meal for our family and write a report on it. We had to have pictures, recipes, our plan, etc in this notebook. I wish I still had that book. I made a Lasagna dinner for my family. It included. Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and a banana pudding. (These were all my favorite things that my mom cooked and this was the first meal that I made for my soon to be husband an sometimes I joke that my lasagna won me my husband because he liked it so much!)I really had a great time and I guess that really that was the start of my love with cooking.
Do you have a first cooking experience? Why not post it today or go read some others at My Life as Annie.


annie said...

My hubbie's favorite is banana pudding and I rarely make it (because, well... you know I hate fruit and all). What a good menu you chose. I think I'll teach my daughter to make lasagna (when she returns from canada). Thanks for the idea & for sharing your cooking experiences.

CoachJ said...

That sounds like a great menu!! I love my granny's banana puddin'!! I prefer it still warm, right after she's made it. If I weren't trying to lose a few pounds, I could eat me some right now!!!


LOL yes I do remember Mine was home Spagetti,Salad,garlic bread,upside down pineapple cake.My hubby loved Italian food and still does.LOL.Hugs,Linda

And I love the old fashioned banna pudding with egg whites on top and home made pudding,wonder where my recipe is?:)

Joyful Days said...

I love making lasagna, but my sister's lasagna is my favorite. I took one quarter of home-ec. Hmmmm...could be why I don't follow recipes to well.


Lu said...

Great idea!

KC said...

Lasagna, salad, garlic bread was one of my favorite meals, and also one of the 1st ones I cooked for my DH.
Great time Travel. sorry I'm slow and behind getting around to reading it.. life is crazy busy in the summer with the kids home and I don't get much computer time but I have to read the time travels they are too much fun.

Renee's Ramblings said...

Sounds like a great meal! Banana pudding - yum! Thanks for sharing.

Have a great week!

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

I like banana pudding...but without the bananas. LOL So I guess I should say that I like vanilla pudding with vanilla wafers. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Oh - and I know how to make lasagna in a crock pot, if you are interested.

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