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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fun Popsickles

I shared one part of this on Works for me Wednesday. You use pre-made gelatin or pudding cups. They can usually be found for under a dollar for 4 cups. All you do is remove the foil lid and insert a pop stick into the pudding or gelatin cup. (I use the sticks from my Popsicle holders.) Freeze them for 5 hours or overnight to allow to firm. To remove the pop from the cup, place bottom of cup under warm running water for 15 seconds. Press firmly on bottom of cup to release pop. (Do not twist or pull pop stick) you can buy the mixed flavor ones and get a really pretty Popsicle! Someone commented that you can also use the cup for the kids to put there pop when then do not want to hold it anymore and someone else commented on how using some of the pre-packed jello and pudding that is fat free or even sugar free can be a great snack for dieting adults!
I also make homemade pudding pops here is my recipe:
Pudding Pops
1 lg. pkg. pudding (not instant)
3 cups milk
Combine pudding with 3 cups milk. Mix only enough to blend well. Quickly pour into Popsicle molds and freeze. Chocolate and vanilla pudding may be layered for a fun treat.
Makes 8-10 pops
Another Popsicle treat I do is make Popsicles out of juice. I usually use orange juice or Juicy Juice. Last year I tried Watermelon flavor and my kids loved that. You will have to experiment with what juices your child/ren likes best. And best yet these are actually pretty healthy.
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Michelle said...

Mmmm those sound yummy! Thanks for the idea. :)

MonkeyKisses - Liz said...

What a great Idea!!!! so yummy and cant wait to try it with my fat free pudding!!! LOL

P.S. I linked ya up

Nesting Momma said...

I'll have to try it. I just joined Family Friday. I love all the great ideas and fun family stuff.Donna

A Juggling Mum said...

Oh yummo, these sound great, the kids would love them. Thanks for sharing :)

Rachel xxx

Kate said...

A wonderful idea and WAY cute pics! And sorry . . . but I'm going to refer people to the last 7 random things MEME I did ;)

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