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Friday, June 8, 2007

Family Fridays-Old Time Days Fun

Last week, we had a bad storm and the electric has been having problems every since. One night it went all the way off. My ds who is 7 said he was, "bored." My 2 year old twins were just scared, so my dh told them about how in the old days people used to not have electric and had to find other things to do to entertain themselves. He told them about how some used oil lamps like we were using and then we just talked to each other and then dh told them about some of the things they did in the old days Dh played his guitar, we sang songs, dances and just laughed. We had a really good time. The electric came back on about 2 hours after it went off and we all went to bed. The kids had so much fun that we plan to have more "Old Time Days" fun as dh calls it, even if the electric does not go off.
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MonkeyKisses - Liz said...

That is actually a great lesson and sounds so much fun!!!! I am going to do that when my kids are a little older... hehehe... !!!!

Michelle said...

Crud, I missed this this week. I'm sorry Lorie! I'll try to remember for next week. I love how your family had some good old time fun. :)

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