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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lorie's To-Do

Well, I have become one busy mom! Not that I was not before, but with summer already here for my family I am BUSY! Here is what our weekly plan looks like.
Monday: Story Hour (library)
Tuesday: Cooking Hour(library)
Wednesday: Movie Day(We stay from 12-2:30)
Thursday-Outside Time at home
Friday- We do something special like the park.
So, as you can see I have a pretty busy schedule, but I would rather be busy. I was so tired after yesterday's movie day at the library. The first one is from 12-1:00 and this is for the younger kids. The second one is from 1:00-2:30 for older kids and since I have kids in both age groups we just stay for both. Try keeping toddlers happy for that long, can you say hard! They showed a Little Bear video first and the twins liked that and ate their lunch while they watched it. The second show was Over the Hedge and they liked that too. They walked around a lot, but were not loud. Nathan thew up on me. He chocked on a gummy. I get so embarrased when my kids throw up in public and as a mother of 4 it has happened many times. Anyways, this morning I woke up with my stomach hurting. I am feeling a lot better now at almost 11 am. I kept some breakfast down anyways. I got to go get a few things done and then we are going to go play outside, eat lunch, and take a nap. I better go got lots to do!
What I need to do:

  • Dishes/Kitchen pick-up
  • Mop kitchen floor-done!
  • Pick-up living room
  • Laundry: bedding-done, whites, 2 loads clothes, 1 load of towels

What I we are eating:

What I am watching:

  • Like I said before I really have not been watching much. We do baths, read books and go to bed.

What I am reading:

Hope everyone has a great day!


Beth said...

Have you started Windy Poplars yet? That was where I got stuck in the series. I've been meaning to pick them up again for another try (as it was years and years ago that I read them).

Sorry about Nathan throwing up on you! Ew! I can't say that's happened to me yet -- well, in public. (Spitting up in public, well, of course.)

Michelle said...

You are a busy woman! I like keeping busy too in the summer. Sorry about being thrown up on. Not fun when it happens in public but as parents, we understand. *hug*

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