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Monday, June 11, 2007

Personal "Quirky" Policies Meme

Personal "quirky" Policies Meme....
I have been tagged for this meme by Monkey Kisses to list some personal policies... Hmmm,I'm thinking...

1. All of my sippy cups and bottle parts must match. I drive my dh crazy with this one!
2. I must take a shower every morning or I just do not feel right the rest of the day. (I remember when I was late in high school, I called my mom and made her come back to school and pick me up just so I could take a shower.
3. I love pens! I collect them, guess that comes from being a teacher?
4. I LOVE to-do list! I live by them sometimes.
5. I love hand sanitizer. I use it all the time. I have some on my keychain!
6. When shopping at Walmart I always park on the non-food side?
7. I love eating dinner "family style" (You know where you have serving dishes, etc.) My dh says it just makes more work, but I love it.
8. I always park my car in the same place in my driveway.
9. My toliet paper must go on the same way everytime. The paper comes off over.

Okay now I tag the following 4 people:
1. Beth
2. Kara
3. Marcia
4. Bethany


Michelle said...

Neat meme. I'm the same way as your #9. I've been tempted to turn other people's around because I feel like it's backwards. lol

MonkeyKisses - Liz said...

I definately agree with number 1 & 5

If hubby gives cory a bottle or guy a drink and takes it out of the dishwasher it is mismatched and drives me absolutely batty.. Why??? why cant he put the right ones together???

I also use handsanitizer.. I am not as crazy as i was but I still do everytime i get in the car from a shopping trip.

Marcia said...

Hi Lorie

Thanks for the tag - I love tags (honestly)! I will get to it tomorrow probably.

How many do I need to do?

Marcia said...

I thought I should come back here and tell you that the tag is done. Did I disappoint you? :)

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