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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lorie's To-Do

Good Morning. why am I up at 5 am? I really do not know. I went to bed at midnight and today is going to be a hard day, as usual lately. Anyways, yesterday, I got up and started cooking breakfast and the twins were not up yet. So, I continued cooking until I heard some crying. I was in the middle of something and did not go right away. (It is usually just them fighting and they get over it quick. ) I shut there door at night. Anyways, I go in there (and really it had not been that long) and Katie Sue is standing by the closet door and I do not see Nathan. Then I hear him saying "elp", "elp" and then crying. Katie Sue was trying to tell me and figure out a way to get him out. I guess she had shut him in there and did not know that she would not be able to get him out. lol. He was fine only a little scared. Most of the time I am thankful that they have not learned how to open doors, but this is one time I wish they knew how. Another funny story from yesterday was that while I took a shower, the twins helped themselves to the refrigerator. Ds was suppose to be watching them but he was busy playing a computer game. I really take quick showers too. Anyways, they were sitting on the floor with my new package of strawberries. :( They ate the whole container and Katie Sue was saying, "good, mom good." I had to smile and they did not eat the green tops, thankfully. Then my smile went to a frown because I noticed something else my empty juice pitcher. Yes, they poured my juice out in the refrigerator mostly. I hate cleaning up juice messes, sticky! Anyone got any great ideas to keeping toddlers out of the refrigerator? Anyways, I posted my summer reading list. I really do not know if I will get through it all this summer but it is my plan. Reading is one thing I make time for. This baby sleeps really well, so I have some time at night to read. I do not remember getting back into reading this quick after having the twins, but really with 4 kids it is my stress reliever! I also posted some new pics of Neil if you have not seen them yet. And you can play Simon online post.
Well, I am taking my kids to the library today. They love it, but it is really hard on me. I think everyone at the library feels for me! I do not remember if I told you but all of the kids that go to the library programs each day get a chance to win a $25 gift card for Walmart. Nicholas won last week. He bought a pool and swimming trunks with his. Katie Sue got one yesterday. I think we are going to use hers for a new pair of shoes. We also get free lunches and great activities every time we go, so I will continue to take them. It ends the middle of July so we will get to stay home some this summer. I am just glad that I have a car to take them this year. Last year we did not go much because we only had one car. Dinner last night did not turn out well. I made the Lemon Garlic Chicken. I add 1/2 cup of lemon juice like the recipe said but I added concentrated lemon jiuce and I substituted the white wine with Sierra Mist. Oh man was it so lemony it was gross. Dh ate it all he said it was not that great but he was hungry. So, I guess I will not be making it again. I thought it would be so good, but I think I messed up this one! Well, I hope you all have a great day! P.S. I am glad I got up early or you would not have gotten this post. :)
What I got to do:

  • Laundry
  • Dishes/kitchen clean-up
  • Living room pick up
  • Take kids to library

What we are eating:

  • Dh wants to cook tonight so he is messing up my plan, but oh well he is cooking, right? Here is his plan: MJ's Shrimp Fried Rice (only he adds chicken instead of shrimp) and Sesame Chicken Dh loves the first recipe, it is his new favorite! The second one is new so we will see how it turns out.

What I am reading:


Kate said...

Have a wonderful day! *HUGS*

Beth said...

I liked reading your stories about the twins. No tips on keeping them out of the fridge, unfortunately -- DS hasn't really figured out he's strong enough to do that! (On the other hand, I have seen him open the front door to our apartment -- even when locked -- and walk out.)

Kara said...

I'm surprised they can get into the fridge, my Toddler still can't even open ours himself. I'm pretty sure they make latches you can put on fridges to childproof them. LOL at getting shut in the closet. My Baby does that to himself all the time since he loves to shut doors.

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