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Monday, June 25, 2007


Well, I just got finished with everything I had to do today and it was a lot. I had to make some desserts for a program we are having at church and I just finished my cookies. I made my basic chocolate chip cookie recipe only I added white chocolate chips. Oh, and I forgot to mention that they were green and red striped. I got the chips in January for 25 cents each . They have a really good date on them. I just wish I had bought more! People will probably wonder about the green and red chips but oh well. I also made some rice crispy treats. Someone else is bring sandwiches and we are having chips and lemonade and that is about it. A dinner you can eat without tableware.

I went to my Wic appointment today and Katie Sue's iron is REALLY low. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday for all four children so hopefully we can get her rechecked and see what they want us to do. The child will not eat very well. Neil is also going to get some shots that day. This week is really stressing me out! I feel like that frog at the top of this post!!!

We also went to the library today for story time. They were giving away clothes that they said they were going to throw away if people did not take. I looked through them and found LOTS of stuff. Nice stuff from Old Navy and the Children's Place. I ended up getting two large garbage bags full. What a blessing. There were some really nice sweaters that Neil will be able to wear next year and a ton of clothes for summer that will fit them now. Also, an Old Navy bathing suit that is just too cute for Katie Sue. The kids made handprints with a poem like paper and they were really cute!

Anyways, it has been a long day and I am really ready for bed, tomorrow is going to be another long day! Hope everyone has a great evening!


Linda said...

HI, first time here. I enjoyed your post because it recorded an everyday event that took me back in time to when my three (now teenagers) and I would make a day of it, including story time, etc. I think the green and red chips are cute--like Christmas in June! Yay!

Michelle said...

Mmmmm cookies! If people wonder about their color, just say they are for the fourth of July. ;)

I understand when it comes to kids having low iron. My kids are picky too and it's so hard to get them to eat right. I hope the dr gives you some good advice. We eat a lot of pancakes to help our iron a little.

Woohoo on the clothes! That is a wonderful blessing!


Wow you sound so busy Lorie.Hey who care the color of the chips if they were good and I bet they were!WTG on the clothes thats great.Story time sounded like fun.Hope Dr can get the little ones iron up.Hugs,Linda

Renee's Ramblings said...

The cookies sound great! You've been nominated for a Rockin' Girl Blogger award! You ROCK! Stop by my blog to get your award. Take care.

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