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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Rock!

Well at least Michelle thinks so! Thanks Michelle!

Here are my votes:

My Life as Annie-Annie has a really neat blog and lots of girly shares on Time Travel Tuesdays!

Organizing Queen-Marcia always has the tips that us girls need!

The Pumkin Patch-Trista host Tasty Thursdays and us girls get some great ideas for dinner!

Happy to be called "Mommy"-Bethany has the neatest Once A Month Cooking ideas and she is a great artist.

Hmmm-Dawn always has the funniest post about her kids mostly and her songs rock on her blog too!

So, those are my nominations, now all of you go nominate some blogs you feel worthy of being called Rockin' Girl Blogs!


annie said...

Aw thanks Lorie, you're so sweet!

Trista said...

Thank you! How sweet! :D

Marcia said...

Oh Lorie - how sweet of you. This is my first award. EVER (well in blogville)

You are such an encourager. BTW, do you know what your top motivational gifts are?

Marcia said...

Hi Lorie

I'm back to say I've passed it on

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