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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Card Craft

Here is the card we made for my dh for Father's Day. The kids decorated the tie(we did not use a real one) and wrote messages on the 4 hankies in the pocket. Dh loved it! The kids also gave him a basket of his favorite candies.

For more great ideas visit A Juggling Mum.


Michelle said...

That's really cute!

A Juggling Mum said...

That's sooo cute :) It's not Fathers Day here in Australia until later in the year, but I'll keep it in my favourites :)

Rachel xxx

jamesnbethany said...

That is such an adorable idea! I love it!

Kim said...

That is a really cute idea. Something to keep in mind for next year.



That is so cute!Bet he loved it.Hugs,Linda

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