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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lorie's To-do

Happy Tuesday! I know I have gotten out of the habit of doing my daily to-do's. You will get them, but they might not be everyday. I am taking my kids to the library program everyday but Friday and it leaves me a little less time to do the things I want to do. We had a great time last night as a family. We played a few games with Nicholas only. We played this new game called Hit the Deck. It is a lot like Uno, but I like it better. We had lots of fun! The library summer reading program started this week. I love it! They feed the kids and give them something fun to do! Today they made the ice cream in a ziplock bag. I have shared that on here before. Well, here are my plans for the day.
What I need to do:
  • Dishes/kitchen clean-up
  • Pick-up living room
  • laundry 3 loads

What we are eating:

  • Breakfast- French toast, bacon, juice
  • Lunch-Sandwiches at the library
  • Dinner- Hamburger Pie

What I am watching:

  • I really have not been watching much tv at all. I know crazy. I have too many other things to do right now!

What I am reading:

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A Juggling Mum said...


I have just tagged you for a meme :)

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Have Fun

Rachel xxx
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