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Friday, May 25, 2007

Family Fridays-Fun Cooking Activity Recipes

I have never really said this here but my family has a Family Fun Night once a week. We usually do this on Mondays. We have a brief gospel lesson and then do something fun as a family. I think it brings our family closer together. We also have a special snack. Sometimes this is the fun activity we do together. We have made cookies, dirt, and lots of other things. I used this fun recipe when my 7 year old was learning to count and I think I am going to use it again since I working on counting with the twins!

Count Kebobs

Apples (sliced)

Large Marshmallows

Pineapple chunks

Oranges (peeled and pulled apart in sections)

Wooden Skewers

1. Count 1 apple

2. Count 2 marshmallows

3. Count 3 pineapple chuncks

4. Count 4 orange sections

5. Push on skewer

6. Count the number of pieces in all

7. Eat and Enjoy!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!

Since I mentioned it I will give you the dirt recipe too.


Dirt Pudding

1 pkg. Oreo cookies

4 T. stick margarine

1 - 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese

1 - 12-oz. Cool Whip

2 small pkg. instant vanilla pudding

3-1/2 c. milk
Directions:Melt margarine & mix with Oreos. Save 1 cup for topping. Press remaining mixture into pan for crust. Cream cheese & gradually add milk. Add pudding & blend well. Blend in Cool Whip by hand. Pour into crust, sprinkle reserved Oreos on top & refrigerate. You can line small flower pots with foil and put enough for one serving in them and in topping with a gummy worm. You can make this seasonal, i.e. for Halloween put spooky things on top. It's a fun dessert!

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1 comment:

MonkeyKisses - Liz said...

That sounds great.. I really want to do a family night when my kids understand.. right now everynight is family night.. LOL

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