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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday-First Date Edition

I have been wanting to join this for a long time, so here goes my first time. Time travel Tuesday is sponsored by Annie. So go check out others comments as they travel back in time and tell about an event. The event for this Tuesday is "YOUR FIRST DATE."
So you all are going to think I am crazy but I had never really had any dates until I was 28 years old and my first date was with my dh! I remember being so sad in high school because I never went to ANY dances, not even my prom! I never even went on one date in college. No I am not joking! After college, I moved to where I live now for a job. It is about 3 hours from where my parents and family lives. I was single, young, and alone. I tried many times after working my current job for a year to find another job to go to to move closer to my family so I could be happier. Everyone of them turned out to be a dead end. I would not know until later why I was suppose to stay here. That later came in September of that same year I had been trying to leave this area. I met this guy at church through single activities we had through our church. He was a really shy guy, but I felt something every time I went around him, so one day in the parking lot of the church, (I) asked if if he would like to go out sometime. We exchanged numbers and I thought nothing would come from it. Well, he did call and we went out on my first date to a Chinese restaurant. We talked and ate, but that was about it. We had both driven to the restaurant, so afterwards, we just went on our way. I remember writing in my journal that night that I knew he was the person I was suppose to marry. Ironically enough, we never really had another date that we went anywhere. He would come to my apartment and we would watch movies and stuff like that, but we always had serious talks. So in December, yes you read that right after only "seeing" each other for about 2 months in all, (I) asked him to marry me. Well, I did tell him afterwards that he would have to ask me. We were married in early February of the next year and had our first child at the end of that year. So, as you can see, I never really experienced "dating" very much, but my first one led me to the right person. We have been together for 8 years now and we have since had our first child which I talked about, twins and almost four months ago we had our last child. So, I think my first date turned out pretty good! What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Yes! Your first date turned out just perfect!!! I loved reading your story! So very sweet!! Mine's up, as well.

KC said...

Yep. I would say that 1st date went well for you :)
Thanks for sharing your story.. it was fun traveling in time with you.

annie said...

What a fun time travel! Amazing that you had the boldness to ask him out and to marry you :o). I love that!
thanks for playing along.

Tori :) said...

The way I see it, that's the only 1st date that really matters anyway, right???
Congrats on finding the right one the 1st time!

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

No need to be sad now, huh? :)

CoachJ said...

That's a good first date! And you didn't have any baggage to carry with you into that relationship! Just how did he react to your boldness, asking HIM to marry YOU? My hubby told me that if he asked me to marry him a first time and I said no, he'd have never asked again. I'm glad I didn't find that out firsthand!

Joyful Days said...

I think that was wonderful. The waiting was hard--but so awesome you two were obviously meant for each other.


Barbara H. said...

Yes it did turn out rather well!! Actually that story gives me hope for my son -- he's 22 and hasn't dated much, is very shy and reserved. Maybe he'll meet a girl some day who will make the first move. :)

One of the nicest things about having only dated your husband is that all your romantic memories are with him. :)

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Renee's Ramblings said...

Yes, your first date did turn out well! What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

Marcia said...

well, Lorie. I think that your story is exactly the way God intends it for all of us. No heartbreak and messing around with frogs, but straight to the prince!

I loved this and it gave me some good ammo for my coaching practice. And how are you for making the first move - cool ;)

You must write about that sometime too! please! really, what made you so bold?

Kate said...

What a wonderful first date story! :)

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