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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lorie's To-Do

(I have posted some things already today so make sure you scroll down)
Happy Wednesday to everyone. I am getting a late start today. I feel sick to my stomach. I felt bad all night. I am starting to feel a little better though. Last night I watched the final episode of House. I just started watching this show because it came on after American Idol and i instantly loved it. I was really disappointed with last night's show! It was suppose to be so good. Personally, I think some of the other episodes from this season were better. And, to have Foreman leaving, Chase getting fired, and the other girl resigning, I just do not know what House is going to do next season. I was in shock at the end of the show. Well, one good thing is that the season will be shown again this summer, maybe I will get to watch some I missed. Anyways, I am addicted to something else. I checked out Season 1 of the series Lost. I watch 1 1/2 of the disk yesterday. It is so good, why did I miss it when it came on television? It is good, but there are 7 DVDs in the series and I have to turn it back in on Saturday so I hope I get finished. one bad thing they do not have Season 2. I am going to ask them for it. You all do not know how much money I have saved on entertainment this spring since I found movies at the library. Well, hope everyone has a great Wednesday!
What I am doing:

  • Laundry

  • Dishes

  • Living room pick-up

  • clean my bath tub

What we are eating:

  • Breakfast: Cheese toast, juice

  • Lunch: Sandwiches, fruit, milk

  • Dinner:Alice Springs Chicken, green beans, baked potatoes

What I am watching:

What I am reading:

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