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Monday, May 28, 2007

Fun Monday for Kids- Blue's Clues Toothbrushing Charts

A Juggling Mum is sponsoring Fun Monday for Kids. I think this will be great for anybody who has kids. Share things you like to do with your kids that you have found online. We all need some great ideas for this summer. Also, Liz at Monkey Kisses sponsors Family Fun Friday. Go there on Fridays to share things to do as a family. I know I have talked to some of you about Fun Family Fridays.
Here is my tip for Monday. I have had a hard time getting my kids to brush their teeth. Mostly because I forgot. So, I use this Blue's Clues Chart I found online. You can also print stickers there too to use with the charts. I just used some Dollar Store stickers and they worked great too. Also, there are some toothbrushing certificates if they do well during the week, my kids loved those! they have made brushing teeth FUN for my kids.
For more great ideas visit A Juggling Mum.


Kara said...

Cute idea :) I might have to print one of those out for Toddler when we get our new printer.

Michelle said...

That's really cute Lorie! Thanks for the idea.

MonkeyKisses - Liz said...

That is awesome lorie!!! I have the same problem.. I forget.. I am definately gonna print this one out and pull out the stickers!

Anonymous said...

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