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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lorie's To-Do

Happy Tuesday! I am trying to decide whether it is worth it to go vote today. We are voting for govenor in this primary, but I am not excited about any of the canidates. Also, I registered as a republican only because if you do not, you do not get to decide any office in this county since this county is so republican. We really do not have any big races in the county this time either. I have also heard that it is suppose to be a very light turnout this election day. There just is not enough going on to interest people to get out and vote. I know that voting is a right that we have and women fought for the right for me to vote, so I probably should go. Anyways, enough about that. Nicholas had a make-up t-ball game and dh took him and the other kids and I stayed home and we took baths, got ready for bed and read books that we got from the library. My twins are reading lots of potty training books because I am getting ready to start working with them. I hope potty training two at once will be easier and the fact that it is summer, but it still scares me. We are buying three packs of diapers every two weeks and that would just be a HUGE saving for us if we could get them potty trained. But, anyways, we read a counting book last night called One Naked Baby. It was so cute! The book starts out with the baby taking a bath and being naked and then he goes outside and gets dirty and gets into things counting up to 10 and they start counting down from ten of things until they reach back to one naked baby. It was such a cute book with lots of really neat pictures that kept my kids interest. We checked out a lot of books and I am having fun making my habit of reaing to my kids again, I stopped for a while. We are going to be reading all summer and go to the library for the summer reading program. I love to read and I hope I can help my kids learn to love to read. Yesterday, Nicholas brought his report card home that said he was promoted to 2nd grade. They are off school today because schools are places people vote at in our county. They only have to go until Thursday. They missed a lot of school this winter, but they went to school for almost two whole months an extra hour a day so they could still get out early. So, starting this week I have 4 kids all day by myself. :( Anyways, enough about me for today. Hope you all have a great Tuesday! Oh, I forgot one last thing. I can not wait for American Idol tonight. I will be sad to see it end though! I have really enjoyed it this season. I think I am voting for Jordin unless something big happens tonight. Have a great day!
What I am doing:
  • Laundry-3 loads(bedding)
  • Dishes/kitchen pickup
  • Living room pick-up
  • T-ball game 6 pm

What we are eating:

What I am watching:

  • American Idol-This year’s finale is anyone’s to win. Watch tonight at 8/7c as Blake and Jordin make American Idol history. Can’t wait?

What I am reading:


Dawn said...

Wow, Nicholas has ALOT of T-ball games!! All the years Jakey's played (this year he was supposed to play slow pitch Scout's Baseball, but we're going out of town alot of July, so he'll play next year) we've never had so many games or practices or anything! Wow!

I'm with ya on American Idol, sad to see it go, excited to see who wins.

That One Naked Baby book sounds adorable, I was just telling Kevin that we should get a library card....I've never had one! LOL

Beth said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, Lorie! :-)

Good luck with potty-training your twins -- you are braver than I! I haven't even attempted to start with Logan. I hope it goes just perfectly for you (and then I will be so inspired!) :-)

Lorie said...

Dawn they play every Tues and Thursday unless they have a make-up game and those are on Mondays! They only play for the month of May and then it is over!!

Dawn said...

OH whew! Ok then I would like to get it all over with in one month and would love that schedule! LOL Last year Jakey had practices on Tuesdays and games on Saturday mornings at 10 am - for TWO months, and it was only oh 110 degrees during those games! ACK! LOL

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