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Friday, May 18, 2007

Lorie's To-Do

~Friday Edition~
Wow! I'm glad it is Friday! This has seemed like a very long week for me! My ds graduates from his reading program today. He is so excited! They are getting these pens with wings on them as they are moving into the wings reading program. The school make a big todo about it and they have a graduation ceremony. They did not let us know until yesterday , so dh can not go and I really do not want to take the three kids by myself. Hopefully, he will forgive me! :( Yesterdays t-ball game was canceled! But now we have to make it up on Monday. T-ball only goes though the end of this month. I can not believe that school will be out soon! I added some new recipes to my blog today. I participate in 2 carnivals on Fridays. Scroll down for those recipes, if you are interested. Yesterday, I finally got my kitchen cleaned up, I had let it get behind. It feels so good to only have to do a little work after each meal. I got to keep that habit. It makes my life so much easier! My menu has been really changed this week. I did not get made yesterday what I planned. Hope everyone has a great day!
What I am doing:

  • Dishes/Kitchen pickup
  • Pickup living room
  • Laundry 3 loads

What we are eating:

  • Breakfast-French toast sticks, sausage links, juice
  • Lunch-Bologna Sandwiches, milk
  • Dinner-Spaghetti

What I am watching:

  • We are watching some dvds from the library
  1. The Final Cut
  2. State of the Union

What I am reading:

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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