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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I am tackling a project that I just do not want to do but that has to be done. With summer here, I am going to help my ds organize his bedroom. It is really a wreck in there. I personally just let it go and then when it is really bad I go work on it. Making it so much harder for me! Well, we are going to tackle it today. I will not be sharing any pictures, because really I would be ashamed! I organized before Christmas and we got rid of a LOT of stuff, so I thought it would be easier for him to keep clean, but really he just does not care and I can not figure out a way to get him to do anything around the house (he is 7). Even if it is just to pick up after himself! So, we are going to tackle it and then we are starting this summer that he will have a time that he picks up his room everyday so he will get in the habit! I am also going to have the twins pick-up their room at the same time. Anybody got any get ideas on how to get a 7 year old to learn responsibility and to help around the house and at least pick up his own things? I would love to know! Thanks.
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ComfyDenim said...

We use Choreganizers around here...and stickers and whatever else. Luckily my kids are cheap bribes. :-)
They're getting there,though. They're finally understanding that it's their house too and we need to all be good stewards and keepers of the house.

Happy Tackling!

RaesMom said...

Good luck with your tackle. No advice on how to get your DS to tidy up. We haven't reached that age yet, so I will have to take notes. :)

tegdirb92 said...

good luck with your tackle and have a wonderful week.

Marcia said...

Hi Lorie

What about a chore chart with pictures (but involve him - he can get the pictures as a craft project) and words? You can have a daily routine for him - morning and evening - and part of the routine is "put toys in box", "clothes in laundry bins" and so on.

Email me so we can discuss further (if you want to, that is).

jennyr said...

goodluck in ur tackle, i needed to organize a lot of closets and bedrooms here too but i am always caught up with everyday chores...tsk..tsk..tsk!

Crystal said...

My kids' rooms are the same way - i try to get the kids to tidy them every day - but their version of "clean" eventually piles up to tornado proportions.

Crystal unrau

madridmom said...

We're doing two things that have helped in my sons' room. (three of them share the same room) First off, I signed up at the House Fairy's website ( and "she" randomly inspects their room and leaves little surprises if she finds it clean. That has helped with having the beds made daily. The other thing I just started recently is dividing their room into different "zones" (under the bed, the dresser, the toy box , the desks etc). Each day we set the timer for 10 minutes and just work on the zone for that day. That plus a quick floor pick up of toys etc at bedtime has helped a lot!

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