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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lorie's Daily To-Do

Tuesday Happenings
Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. It is going to be a beautiful spring day here today! We are still struggling with baby Neil's formula. He has had problems since birth really. We put him on a new formula last week and it seems to be helping great except for the fact that his poopy is not normal so I guess we are going to have to try another formula. I just can not wait until we get it right. One good thing though is that he does sleep through the night!!!! Yes at 3 months my baby sleeps through the night! (Insert jumping for joy!) Nicholas has started playing t-ball. He has a game every Tuesday and Thursday night. It has been difficult with all three kids by myself while Nicholas plays ball. Usually, dh works at night, but tonight he is off and going with us. I do not think I told anyone this, but Walmart hired dh back, but they could not get him back in electronics where he really liked it. Now he is working in pets. He has gotten another job offer that will probably start in about 2 weeks. He will be doing land surveying. He is really excited about this because this is in his field that he is studying right now! They are training him this morning. Hopefully everything works out. This week, I am trying out a lot of new recipes especially for breakfast. I will review them on my Monday Menu plan post. Anyways here is my to do for Tuesday May8th.
  1. 3 loads of laundry
  2. Make dinner this morning and make an extra one to freeze-finished
  3. Dishes/pickup kitchen
  4. Pickup living room
  5. Clean bathroom sink
  6. T-ball game 6 pm
  7. Me time- read my book


  • American Idol-8/7c on FOX-the final four, mentored by Barry Gibb, vie for the title!

  • House-9/8c on FOX- Foreman hands in his resignation while the team races to diagnose a young college student.
Hope everyone has a great day!


Michelle said...

I hope you can figure out what formula is best for Neil soon. Yay he's sleeping through the night!! That's great Lorie!

I made one of your recipes last night, the Mini Cheddar Meatloaves, it was pretty good. I'll post about it later on my blog.

I love House too. I'm not surprised Foreman is resigning, but I kind of think he will change his mind. What do you think?

Lorie said...

Michelle- That recipe is one I think is pretty good too. i got it from Emily on LM. I don't remember which one? Also, I think he will change his mind too. I love that show, but lately they have put in some things that I think they could have done without and the show would have still been good. Like when House at the end of the show opened the door for that "women" and told her not to talk he just wanted a good time without talking. Now why did they have to do that?

Beth said...

Congrats on your DH's new job and Neil sleeping through the night -- yay!

Kara said...

Hooray for Neil sleeping through the night! I hope your DH likes the surveying job. Mmm, that overnight french toast sounds really good!

April said...

hey there girl! glad to hear the baby is sleeping through the night now. Our babies started sleeping through the night about 2-3 months old too. It was so nice! Sounds like you are doing well. Miss talking with you.
good to catch up. :)
April (AprilStampinQueen)

Michelle said...

Oh I agree, somethings I change the channel for. Looks like Foreman may be sticking around.

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