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Friday, May 25, 2007

Me, A Handbook?

Wow! I just came off of Beth's blog and she did the Homemaking Meme that I had on here a couple of days ago. She said that I was her best homemaking handbook with all of the recipes and stuff that I post on here. Just when I think nobody is reading, I get a compliment like that. I am seriously crying! When I was pregnant with the twins, I had to leave a job that I loved!!!! I miss it everyday! Blogging has been my way that I have been able to do some of those things that I did in my old job. I miss my job, but I have used so much that I learned from that job that I use as a SAHM! So, thanks to all of for reading all my recipes even if I do make you hungry! You are letting me do what I really want to do and still be a SAHM! I really would like to start one of those carnival thingies, but I am afraid that nobody would come and share and I really do not know anything about Mr. Linky! Well, anyways, just some thoughts I was having this afternoon and wanted to write them down. Thanks Beth and everyone who reads this blog!


Beth said...

Seriously, Lorie, I don't know how you do it! You have FOUR kids (three of them being younger than my DS) and yet you mop every day. That says something! ;-)

Your posted menu plans more or less inspired me to start making my own. I liked that you didn't pull out all kinds of complicated stuff all the time -- just plan for easy meals many days of the week. We have been going out to eat less and eating healthier and cheaper because I've been menu-planning.

And you have plenty of links to lots of other homemaking tips and recipes that you've tried out and enjoyed. I think that's really valuable!

I use Google plenty of times when I'm looking for something specific, but as for a *favorite* homemaking "handbook," your blog was what came to mind! So you deserve it. I'm glad your blog has formed into what is has and that you enjoy it so much! I enjoy reading, even if I don't comment on EVERYthing.

Kara said...

I enjoy your recipes and stuff too, even though I don't comment much, I read them :)

Carrotjello said...

I read your blog. I don't comment, but I hardly comment on anyones blog, even my own. Usually, my mind is blank.

Tracy said...

Hi Lorie!

Can I just say thank you for popping by my blog... because you did, I've been able to discover YOUR fabulous blog!! I love it here!!!

I had a good chuckle over your potty training adventures.. my little guy is only 8 months old...but I have an idea of adventures I'm in for!! LOL!!

Hugs, Hugs

Anonymous said...

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