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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Too many GREAT tips!

So, I was wondering how many of you check out Works for me Wednesday sponsored by Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer? I have been going there for awhile now and sharing tips. It is such a great place to learn things! All you have to do is post about some tip you have and want to share and I know you all have those. Next week is a themed WFMW, I'm Bored Mom. So, you can go and find out what you are going to do with your kids this summer. I just can not wait to see some of those ideas! Here are just some of the ideas being shared this week that I plan to use. You will have to go over there and see what kind of ideas you will use. I highly recommend it!
Sarah- gave a potty training tip. Use a favorite doll and an empty wipes container and have the doll go to the potty with your child.
Marcia- Says she is a "lazy" cook. When she bakes, she measures out an extra bag of dry ingredients for another recipe. She writes what is is for on the bag and has another recipe waiting to get started when she is ready to cook again! She also has another tip so you will not want to miss it go check it out.
GiBee- had a great idea for using disposable diapers to clean up carpet spills.
Girl Gone Wild- had some great information on tick control. I do not know why but the ticks seem really bad this year!
Amy-had a great idea for using coffee filters for her children as snack bowls. Neat idea and very easy clean-up!
And from last week:
A suburban housewife- talked about using a laundry basket for those trips to the library. You keep them all in one place and no more having to use those cheap bags the library gives you that do not hold up on the number of books that I check out!
Land'O Sunshine- posted about how she made clean-up after taco night easier by putting the cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce in 6 count muffin tins. What a brilliant idea!
So as you can see I got LOTS of great tips that I am going to use many I did not even list here so go check it out for yourself, you will not be sorry. And think about sharing your wonderful tips with everyone!


Kara said...

I love WFMW :D But I haven't thought of a tip for today so I might not get one up. But I love reading through and getting ideas from the others.

Girl Gone Wild said...

What an awesome idea for spreading the WFMW-word around!

a suburban housewife said...

Love your blog- love your music. Who can have a bad day with "Walkin' on Sunshine"?

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