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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lorie's To-Do

Good Morning! Hope everyone is doing well! Things are pretty good here. Just been real busy. Dh loves his new job. He is home every night for dinner and will be with us all weekend! I just can not believe it! I am still struggling through Anne of the Island. It is not because it is not good, I have just been really busy. I felt so bad last night that I tried to get the baby to stop crying in my bed at about 8:30 and I feel asleep. I was so mad that dh did not wake me. He comes in at 10 pm to tell me who got kicked off of American Idol. I liked Melinda. I know Blake has a lot of support, but he just does not sing my style of music and he has been in the bottom three several times and the two were not. I really like Jordin and hope she wins, but like I said, I think that Blake has a lot of support. Got a busy day today.
What I got to do:
  • Dishes/Kitchen clean-up
  • Pick-up living room
  • Laundry- 3 loads, towels, clothes
  • Go to grocery store with three kids :( (need milk)
  • T-ball game 6 pm (I hope it is cancelled, it is raining)

What we are eating:

  • Breakfast-cereal, fruit, juice
  • Lunch-leftover potato soup, grilled cheese, milk
  • Dinner- Alice Springs Chicken

What I am watching:

  • I really do not have any tv plans.

What I am reading:


Kara said...

That's great your DH is liking his new job :)

Dawn said...

I hope you're able to not have to sit in the rain for a t-ball game too!! I need to go back and check out your potato soup recipe, I ate a can of potato soup and it was NOT good :(

No TV plans on Thursday!!! LOL Thursday is my fave night of TV! LOL

I was sad about Melinda too - I thought for sure Blake because he'd been in the bottom a few times! Surprised me!

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