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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lorie's To-Do

Good Morning! Hope everyone is doing great! Sorry if my blog makes you hungry. I love recipes and love sharing them. I do join in in several carnivals or whatever you call them where we share recipes . I also have found that my family eats so much better and really for cheaper when I plan our meals. That is why I joined Monday Menu Plan. Anyways, I probably should change this to a food blog, but food is part of our life so I think I will leave it here. I have been so tired I really need a nap, but I got so much to do! Here is my day:
What I got to do:
  • Landry-baby clothes, our clothes, whites, towels
  • Dishes/Pick-up kitchen
  • Pick-up living room
  • Vacum

What we are eating:

  • Breakfast-cereal, fruit, juice
  • Lunch-Leftovers
  • Dinner-Potato Soup

What I am watching:

  • American Idol- FOX 9/8c It was obvious that Blake, Melinda, and Jordin knew what was at stake last night, as each one pulled out all the stops. But who will get the two coveted spots in the finale? Find out tonight! As a bonus, Elliott Yamin and Maroon 5 will both perform live!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Kate said...

Have a great day! *HUGS*

Dawn said...

I'm hungry, but I love it! Gives me ideas, otherwise we'd eat spaghetti 20 days a month! LOL

I'm so excited to watch AI tonight! I thought Blake did awesome, but since the other two have never been in the bottom 2-3, I think he might be gone. I think Jordin NEEDS to win for her career more than Blake or Melinda - they'll be fine without the "crown".

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