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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Adventures in Potty Training Update

Well, we are still just "talking" about using the potty. We have also been reading a lot of books. They are definitely interested, but I thought still not ready. They want to "play" on the potty but not use it. Then, today I took off there clothes for them to take a bath and Nathan said he wanted to pee pee so I helped him on the toilet and he peed in it. Hooray! Well, I have one of those kid seats that fits on the regular toilet. A lot of people said this was what they used so instead of buying two potties, I thought this would be good. I noticed though that Nathan had a really hard time because the seat does not have a guard to help keep his pee in the potty. Do you know what I mean? So, I am rethinking the idea of buying their own potty. Again, we are still just talking about it but I was surprised that Nathan went today! It was so cute tonight, Daddy and Nathan read the Potty for boys book and Katie Sue and mommy read the Potty for girls book. I think we might also watch Bear in the Big Blue House Potty video this coming week. Well, that's my adventure in potty training for today.


Kimberly said...

How exciting! Those "signs of readiness" are just a delight to watch appear, aren't they? =)

Michelle said...

That's great that Nathan went! Sorry about the no-shield on the kid seat. I wonder if they have some that come with it? Sorry I don't know. My girls love the BITBBH potty movie. They are watching it right now. :) Keep us posted!

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